the interests of its members
 Recognized training partner Networking
  • ​Participate in various consultations with the authorities concerning new regulations or amendments to existing ones.
  • Defend members' interests in dealings with authorities (such as Swissmedic, the FOPH, the Federal Department of Home Affairs, ISOPTh, cantonal representatives, etc.).
  • Promote the image of its members
  • Sit on the refdata Foundation Board  
  • A3P-GRIP Workshop
    • working group whose aim is to share practices and explain approved regulatory texts in a clear and pragmatic way, to make them more comprehensible and to propose operational interpretations.
  • Regulatory Affairs Information Group
    • 2 to 3 meetings a year to review the latest developments and new features in the pipeline.
  • QP/RP Focus Group
    • 3 to 4 meetings a year for informal exchanges between professionals working as RPs (or deputy RP).
  • Facilitate exchanges with other Swiss professional associations, such as
    • ASSGP
    • A3P
    • SMVO
    • SVKH
  • Offer services in various areas of interest to members
    • Training
    • Consulting
      • Technical and engineering expertise
      • Logistics expertise
      • Information systems expertise
    • A platform for exchange
Continuing Education
  • Two annual conferences on topics of general interest to the Life Sciences sector, attended by Swiss and international experts and representatives of the Swiss authorities.